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Wales Bonner collaboration returns! Plus a brand new State Series model

We're bringing plenty of colour once again to a late November week, with the re-launch of the Japan X Wales Bonner and the Mexicana OG. To top up the colour we've gone to Kentucky to find some Blue Grass, and to Japan for an AS 520 restock. In addition, our sale is still going strong, with many options still available on the cheap.

Wales Bonner back in yellow

Undoubtedly one of the more popular of the Japan X Wales Bonner collection, this yellow pair has a nylon upper with suede overlays. All four of the colourways come with different material choices, which adds an unusual dynamic compared to most releases.

Mexicana OG re-issue

We've had to wait a long time for a Mexicana re-issue, which is one of the older of the low cut suede trainers. The bright orange upper and black stripes are iconic, as is the gold lettering. The design is similar to the Gazelle OG, but the profile is somehow even lower.

The Blue Grass State: Kentucky!

One of the more eye-catching designs from the recent State Series collection, the Blue Grass celebrate Kentucky. Blue Grass refers to a couple of things, but the colour is derived from the grass-like plant found within the state. Blue Grass is also a type of music found locally, which is focussed around acoustic string instruments.

Sand Coloured AS 520

Another one of our popular launches from the last couple of months is this model of AS 520. The shoe continues the theme for AS 520 by having one colour for the upper, which is this sandy shade. A medium grey covers the tongue detail and lettering.

And finally.. our sale prices are staying for now!

Our sale from last week is still rolling, and although a lot of the best picks have gone, there's still some gems left. Take a look at the options by clicking on the picture.


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