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White leather classics through the Samba and Gazelle Indoor

We're taking a brief break from the Spezial collection (they'll be back!) this week by bringing you some white leather staples. All four models are brand new to the site, and feature two types of Samba and two Gazelle Indoor. These two silhouettes have really stamped their authority on the adidas collection over the past year, and they aren't showing any signs of slowing down.

Alternate stripe Gazelle Indoor

Not only do these Gazelle Indoor have the less common stripe pattern, they also feature a soft leather upper in the core white colour. Despite the heavy Gazelle Indoor activity over the last year, not many of the colourways have sported a leather upper such as these.

Fluffy suede Gazelle Indoor

The second new pair of Gazelle Indoor are the odd pair out by not having a white upper, but they do feature a nice fluffy suede one instead. This mint green colourway is the sister model of the wonder clay design also available on our site. As with a lot of Gazelle Indoor these days, these are marked up as part of the women's collection but have been given a full size run.

And finally.. two Samba from the same family

The next two Samba feature the same formula of design but with a different secondary colour, which unusually is featured on the tongue as well as the heel tab and stripes. For the first pair, we've got the 'energy ink' stripe colour, which could also be called purple.

Some might not be aware that the Samba actually started life as a performance shoe for indoor football, as the gum cup sole helped with agility and control. Times have changed now, and thankfully for adidas their dated technology now sits alongside the most popular of streetwear shoes.


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