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White trainer frenzy plus the Spezial Cap returns

Through complete coincidence, all three new trainers this week happen to have a white upper - so if white isn't your thing then maybe the new stock isn't for you.. we've also added the newly launched Spezial cap from the AW20 range.

New SL 80 to the collection

Since the launch of the Spezial pair a year ago, we've stocked every colourway of SL 80, and still have a few of the Spring pairs in stock. This white and red version is new for Autumn, and is slightly different as the usual nylon has been replaced with mesh.

Rewind 8 years to the SL 72

Not exactly following on in chronological order, the next addition is a new colourway of SL 72. Featuring a white upper, suede overlays, blue heel tab and red detailing, this pair fits the tradition of featuring a wide range of colours. We've also got some sizes left of the blue and red pairs added a few weeks ago.

More white Lacombe

We've had a fair few white leather Lacombe for sale over the years; from the Spezial pairs to the most recent Redwood colourway. This pair is one of the more classic versions, as the secondary colour is a plain black. Worn by the likes of Richard Ashcroft and Pep Guardiola, the Lacombe rank highly on the unofficial 'cool' list of trainers.

And finally.. new headwear!

A first for us this one - never before have we stocked a hat until now! Recently launched as part of the AW20 Spezial collection, this beige SPZL cap has proved to be one of the most popular parts of the launch.

Keep an eye out next week for a re-boot of the City Series collection from 2019 and 2020 ///


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