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Women's Week! Three ace Gazelle plus Orion & Campus

It feels a long time since we had any new Women's stock through the door, or any Gazelle. We've ticked both boxes this week with three brand new designs, all of which are lovely colourways and reasonably priced. To keep the bigger footed folk happy, there's a new colourway of Orion available plus a Campus Collaboration project!

Vibrant New Gazelle

The first of our three Gazelles is this lilac and green design, which was launched in mid 2021. For all three designs the model used is the 1991 version of the Gazelle, which has become a mainstay ever since being re-issued way back in 2016.

As with all trainers that are designated 'Women's', the sizing is exactly the same as the men's collection. The only difference is the sizes they produce, as the Women's colourways will stop at a size UK 9 or 9.5 usually. So the smaller footed man is living the dream, as they'll be able to fit in both Men's and Women's colourways.

For the orange and mint coloured pairs, Adidas has given this design a soft fluffy inner lining, which is great for when the weather turns colder. Both pairs have the same traditional materials for the rest of the shoe, including a suede upper and leather stripes.

More Vintage Running

We had to add a couple options for the bigger feet, so we went with one new runner and a flat suede pair. This sand colourway of Orion is part of a recent collection of Orion colourways, which take inspiration from the 1970s marathon runner.

And finally.. new consortium Campus!

Another iconic model we've not stocked for a while is the Adidas Campus, which is back with a snazzy new design inspired by Jazz. Made in collaboration with Bookworks, the model has several nods to the music related brand, including the gold heel logo.


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