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ZX Collaborations with Parley, Disney and the XZ 0006

It's another ZX collection this week with a mix of ZX 8000, 6000 and 5000. Two are brand new designs and two are old stock we've had in before, including the slightly crazy XZ 0006. The 'inside out' ZX 6000 aren't the only whacky pair this week; the ZX 8000 Bambi and ZX 5000 Torsion aren't exactly subtle either. Enjoy!

Sustainable ZX 8000

We've stocked a long list of ZX 8000 models over the last few years, but this shoe is slightly different from the rest. The ZX 8000 X Parley is made using waste found in Oceans across the world, which can then be transformed into a special yarn material. The design of the shoe has been slightly changed through a re-worked upper, and the feel is more like a structured canvas.

Adidas X Bambi

We're going from the most sustainable ZX 8000 to what is probably the craziest design, which is the ZX 8000 X Disney 'Bambi'. To celebrate the film, the shoe features a Dear-like canvas print around the whole upper, as well as pink stringy laces. The box, tongue and insole pay tribute to the Disney classic.

Inside Out now inside our shop

The original 'inside out' trainer was part of the A - ZX series a couple of years ago, which was then followed up with three other colourways. All three were based around classic ZX colour combinations, including this 'Aqua' edition made famous by the ZX 8000.

And finally.. on the Torsion trail again

This version of ZX 5000 is likely to be familiar to most with a keen interest in the ZX range, which we have stocked a couple of times already. Made from a special Kevlar material, the design of the shoe is very durable as well as the dazzlingly bright colour.


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