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Amsterdam restock! Plus two new SL runners.

Not a huge amount new this week, although a city series restock is always something to take a further glance at. We've also added new pairs of SL 72, a vibrant pair of SL 80 and of course our black friday sale is still up and running!

More sizes of Amsterdam

A few weeks ago we added a bunch of old city series, including the Amsterdam. As expected they sold very quickly, so it's great news to have a handful of pairs back up for sale.

A little note on the price - we're aware we've stretched them a little further over retail value. This is simply the lowest we could charge to make it worthwhile stocking them, of course we'd prefer them to be cheaper but for this batch it just wouldn't be feasible.

Colour-filled SL 80

The winter can be somewhat dreary at times - if you need a splash of colour to remind you of sunnier days then these might fit the bill! This new pair of SL 80 have a mesh upper rather than the nylon used on the first batch of re-issued SL 80 this year.

More SL 72 colours

Despite us only adding them to the site now, these olive green SL 72 were actually part of the original collection launched at the start of the year to kick off the SL 72 celebration. We've only got a few sizes in but will hopefully add some more in the coming weeks!

And finally.. the black friday sale continues!

Our black friday sale was launched last week, and we're delighted to keep it running this week too. Although stock is limited there's still plenty of bargains to be found. Whether it's a Christmas present or something to beat away the lockdown blues we've got something for everyone!


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