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Clothing time! Spezial apparel returns plus more trainers added

It's a very special week this week as lots of new clothing from the last Spezial range has been added, as well as a restock of Newrad plus three new trainer models! Arguably our busiest Monday yet so enjoy all the new gear.

Spezial clothing: new jackets, jerseys and even socks

We've added a wide range of Spezial clothing this week. Two of the standouts have to be the iconic Haslingden jacket and the ST 11 Anorak. The Haslingden has been part of previous releases, but this version is made of a super light nylon. It really is paper thin, please be aware of this before buying!

Another icon from the AW20 SPZL range is the New Order Jersey. Featuring a whole range of links to the band. It's the third jersey we've seen from the Spezial range and it's another cracker!

Re-stocks on Spezial t-shirts

As well as some of the new kit we've put up, there's also some bigger sizes of the two t-shirts from the AW20 range. The classic box logo t-shirt and New Order t-shirt have had a bulk up of sizes. As with all Spezial t-shirts they never last long so be quick!

One final thing to note on the clothing - there's a handful of Wireframe SPZL t-shirts from 2018 back available! Only in sizes medium and large, this is sure to be last time we see these.

More trainers - Newrad SPZL

Continuing with the Spezial theme, we've added a few more pairs of Newrad SPZL. These have been very popular since launch last Autumn, and carry on the tradition of leisure pairs within Spezial ranges.

And finally... new ZX 10,000 C and Tischtennis

The two other highlights on the trainer front this week is the addition of new ZX 10,000 C and Tischtennis colourways. Both better suited to the summer months, the Tischtennis in particular are probably one to keep stored away for a few months!

Lots to take in this week and lots of additions so keep a close eye on the store page!


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