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Spring sale! Plus A-ZX week with frozen lemonade

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

If you thought last week was good, this Monday is arguably even better! It's finally time for a spring clear out with reductions made across the website. On top of that we have four new models all coming from the amazing A-ZX range, including the first ever pair in the series.

Spring Sale

It's that time of year again when we need to do a bit of spring cleaning - we're no different and we're well ahead of the game doing it before Easter. Lots of new reductions, lots of further markdowns and lots of limited stock so time to get digging for a bargain!

Super fresh ZX 8000

It might be a bit early for getting the ice cold drinks out in March, but now is definitely the time for the ace ZX 8000 'Frozen Lemonade'. Part of the fantastic A-ZX range, the Frozen Lemonade are definitely one of the standouts and very challenging to get hold of. Sadly our pairs don't have the recipe on the insole but on the outside they still look just the part.

R is for Retro

Similarly exciting on the A-ZX front is the ZX 1000 C, which was the first ever pair launched in the series back in the middle of 2020! This is the first ever re-issue of the brilliant ZX 1000 C, which comes in the most iconic colourway. All the usual ZX tech comes with, and is more affordable than some of the more in-demand options.

And finally.. more ZX 8000 with added Gore-Tex

The last of the A-ZX this week is both colourways of the IRAK ZX 8000. Both these jazzy pairs come with a Gore-Tex lining for added warmth and waterproofing. The uppers also feature a whole host of materials, from leather to suede and nylon.

The two pairs of IRAK are the 'I' in the A-ZX puzzle, and are a sort-of re-run of their previous Adidas collaboration back in 2008. For those wondering IRAK is a New York City based graffiti collective, which won't come as a huge surprise based on the vast array of colours used in the two ZXs.


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