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Double Mexicana with the arrival of the new Prototype version

We've got a bit of a Mexicana theme this week with the addition of the newest model of the three recently releases, the green Mexicana 'Prototype'. The other version is the OG model, which we now have a lot more sizes available to buy. The other two new items are a bit of a contrast, between the off-white Earlham and loud ZX 8020 Women's.

The never made Mexicana

As the name prototype would suggest, this green version was produced as a sample before being dropped for the final golden shade. For the recent re-issues, the design features have remained largely the same aside from the gold lettering changing to silver on the green pair.

Original colour also return

Despite coming into existence after the green model, this pair will always be the original as it was the version put into production in 1972. Notice how there is no trefoil logo on the heel tab, which shows this release was first launched before the trefoil logo existed. That same detail has been kept with the re-issue.

Animal Inspired ZX 8020 W

We're understanding that these might not be everyone's taste, but they will definitely be someone's! The ZX 8020 are part of the newer collection of ZX models to use recycled material in production. Not only is the black and white colourway very loud, it's also extremely fluffy on the outside.

And finally.. off-white Earlham restock

These might be a bit plain compared to the above, but the Earlham are a fantastic option for an everyday white summer trainer. The leather is soft like the Lacombe, and much easier to get hold of at the moment than the Spezial classic.


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