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Double up on Handball Spezial and Gazelle

We're keeping it nice and simple this week with two additions from two styles, the Handball Spezial and Gazelle. Both models of Handball Spezial are completely new, whereas both Gazelle models have been stocked by us before. With black and blue the colours of choice this week, it's perhaps time to move away from the vibrant warm weather pairs and move onto the autumn styles.

Updated Handball Spezial

It's a rare sight to see a Handball Spezial without a full suede upper, but this is what we've got for you here. The overlays are still the usual suede material, but the upper is a smooth nylon. It's also a slightly unconventional blue on blue colourway, which is finished off with the classic gum midsole.

Brussels style Handball

The next colourway is more of a classic Handball look, with two defined colours and a full suede upper. Those in tune with the City Series will recognise this colour combination as the 'Brussels' design, as the black and orange are featured on the original vintage model.

Popular Gazelle back in stock

We only added a bunch of these Gazelle a few weeks back, and they flew off the shelf! We've scrambled around to get some more in, although sadly not in as many sizes as the first time round. Blue and black is always a winning combination, especially on the Gazelle.

And finally.. much older Gazelle

Our final pair of Gazelle was first released last year, so is a bit of a rare colourway now. Although a more simplistic colourway, nice details such as the use of silver for the side writing are a nice touch.


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