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Get colourful with the vibrant Gazelle Indoor!

This week is about one model and one model only,, the adidas Gazelle Indoor! The silhouette has become a popular icon this year with both men and women, so we've got sizes from a 6 all the way to a 12. Two of our new models use the same light blue and orange, but have reversed the colours to create two options for you. We've also added the yellow and burgundy colourway that comes with a lovely suede upper.

Orange & Blue, X2

Adidas clearly felt these two shades worked nicely together, which is hard to argue against. First up is the predominantly orange pair, which only features blue laces and a box logo on the tongue. The upper has a smooth synthetic feel and soft suede overlays.

The second pair has exactly the same features, just the colours are reversed to create a light blue masterpiece. Unfortunately this version is only available in bigger sizes, but it's worth nothing the Gazelle Indoor are a little tight compared to other adidas models.

And finally.. some fluffy suede for the women

Although technically the same shoe as the above pairs, this Gazelle Indoor version feels different because of the full suede upper. Marketed as a women's pair, the shoe has been produced in all men's sizes as well but has undoubtedly been more popular with women.


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