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Halloween in January with the Mexicana 'Dia de los Muertos'

We've not quite got our seasons lined up correctly, but the Mexicana 'Day of the Dead' are trainers you'll be wearing year round rather than only for the festivities. Alongside the new Mexicana, we've added a new pair of fluffy Gazelle, dark grey TRX and a re-stock of an old colourway ZX 10,000 C.

All Souls, Your Soles

The Day of the Dead festival is celebrated every year in Mexico following All Souls Day, so it's the first couple of November days that kicks things off. The most prominent feature both on the shoe and on the presentation box is the marigold, which is present throughout the celebrations to honour the dead.

Fluffy Gazelle

Back to a more general release, we've got one of the new batch of Gazelle 91 in stock, which is this brown colourway. As you can see from the picture, there's a considerable fluffy texture on this release, which is likely to go down well with most Gazelle fans.

Dark Grey TRX

We've had TRX Vintage models in white, light grey, medium grey... everything under the sun it feels like. This week we're adding a new shade, this dark grey version. The nylon and suede spec is the same as the standard version, and the stripe colour is a contrasting lighter grey.

And finally.. more sizes in the ZX department

This model of ZX 10,000 C was one of the first to be launched a couple of years ago, and differs slightly from the original materials. The toe-box is a slightly softer mesh, but the colourway is still one of the best in the business.


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