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It's another Spezial week! New summer trainers plus more clothing

This week sees another bumper week for Spezial - with the new releases coming in the next few weeks now seems a great time to bring back some of the old favourites. We've also got two new trainers from the AW20 collection, the Alderley and HRMNY. As always with the clothing, sizes go quickly so no time to lose!

The Lacombe 2.0 !?

A fantastic follow up to the Spezial classic from a few years ago, the Alderley SPZL bring similar white trainer vibes to the table. The shoe is completely stripe-less and has a lightweight mesh upper. Based on an un-released archival court shoe, the Alderley has well and truly gone through the Spezial treatment.

A new Torsion member

We're so used to seeing Torsion trainers with a bunch of numbers and a 'ZX' in the name - these however are slightly different. The HRMNY SPZL are based on a rare women's trainer from the archive, which has been tweaked and updated for the modern day. The upper is a mix of mesh and a soft fabric, which has been used for the large overlays.

And finally.. lots more clothes!

What's a Spezial release without some clothes! We've added back some old favourites - the Haslingden and ST 11 jackets, the Standish shorts and a couple larger sizes of Hartcliffe t-shirts. Sizes are very limited on these items, and are likely to go quickly.

As well as that, we've added a much bigger range of the two t-shirts from the AW20 collection, the New Order and Box logo shirts. Featuring a stylish and minimalist design, the t-shirts are always one of the most popular items from the Spezial range.


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