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Lacombe, SL runners plus a Spezial announcement

The summer wearers continue to fill the shop with the arrival of more white leather Lacombe, as well as the iconic SL 72. We've also added more sizes of old favourites, plus an announcement on the upcoming Zurro SPZL.

Super Light classics

It might seem a bit strange nowadays, but way back in 1972 the newly launched SL 72 were considered as cutting edge technology for running and general athletic performance. The technology has of course moved on since then but they now have a different purpose- everyday casual trainers. The SL 72 have be re-issued a number of times, this pair we've got here is from the most recent model released this year- which they've done a brilliant job with.

Not so SPZL Lacombe

This might be a bit confusing, but these aren't the same as the 2018 issue of the Spezial Lacombe. They are very similar- the secondary colour of nude / pink is almost identical. Although the leather on this pair is nice, there isn't the same quality feel that you get on the Spezial pairs, making these a cheaper alternative. Regardless of leather quality, they're ace for any collection as a summer wearer.

More restocks including 2019 Spezial

Firstly, we've added almost a full size run of the red/green colourway Stadt- these proved incredibly popular like all Stadt have been so restocking was a simple decision.

In addition, there's a handful more sizes available of the summer SPZL collection from 2019. Both the Earlham and Galaxy have limited sizes available- at £69.99 for the Earlham they're unlikely to hang around.

And finally.. Zurro SPZL coming this Wednesday

For those that missed out on the recently launched Zurro SPZL, there's another chance to buy this Wednesday. The pairs will be released online between the time of 7-8pm. There will be no set time given. This is intentional to slow down the rate of traffic on the website- otherwise there would be chaos which isn't good for anyone involved. Any questions or confusion feel free to get in touch. For complete transparency, a breakdown of the available pairs is below:

UK 7.5: 1x

UK 8: 1x

UK 8.5: 2x

UK 9: 4x

UK 9.5: 2x

UK 10: 1x

UK 10.5: 2x

UK 11: 2x

Price: £104.99


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