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Pre-Spring Spezial part 2! Plus last year's jackets restocked

Following on from the first batch of trainers last week, the final three models from the collection have been added to the site this week. There's two brand new designs from the Spezial range and one that we've seen before which is the Newrad SPZL. Finally, a couple of sizes have been added back to the site of Abenstein and Calavadella Jackets.

Lacombe inspired Spezial

On first glance you wouldn't look at these Arkesden SPZL and think of the adidas Lacombe, one of the best white leather trainers adidas has made in recent years. However, the upper is actually directly taken from the shoe, albeit with the addition of proper stripes and a woven trefoil tongue. The shoe sits on a Campus midsole, rarely seen in the Spezial catalogue.

New Newrad

The old Newrad were so good the Spezial team decided they needed to bring the model back, as well as give it a bit of a revamp. The suede upper has been ditched for a more durable leather, and the brown colour has been shifted a few shades darker.

HRC Runner Reborn

The Hartness SPZL are inspired by the 1987 runner known as the HRC, which actually came with the option of adding spikes to the outsole for trekking. The Hartness don't come with this feature or even the original tooling, which has had to be adapted. The upper is mostly leather and the shoe is lined with an adi-tex membrane.

And finally.. more clothing

We will be having a week of stocking the recent clothing collection to go with the 2023 trainers, but for now you'll have to make do with some older items. The Calavadella jacket is classic Spezial outerwear; lots of pockets, snazzy buttons and a big fitting!

Bomber jackets aren't the regular design when it comes to Spezial, as this Abenstein is the only bomber style they've done. This nylon version is the second of two models, and comes in a shiny silver colour. The jacket is very lightweight and has a boxy fit.


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