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Spring sale- plus two new summer styles in black

Some fresh sales items, further reductions and last pairs hit the store this week. As well as this, a small size run of two favourites; an Indoor Super and 350.

Sale time!

It's getting close to Easter, so can only mean one thing; a spring clear-out! Look out for the Padiham, Forest Hills and Brussels all reduced.

Padiham and Mallison SPZL- both reduced!

Indoors- Super for summer

As if a sale wasn't exciting enough, we've added a new colourway of one of our favourites- the Indoor Super. The black/white colourway looks amazing, and having a suede upper gives it an edge over the leather alternatives.

Indoor Super black/white

350 vision

Another pair converted from the Spezial range is the 350, which featured as part of the 2016 collection. This pair also has a leather upper, but instead of white it's a flashy black and red colourway.

350 Black/Red


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