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Sunshine in December- Lacombe and Munchen Super arrive in stock

This week has a much sunnier feel than the weather outside with the return of the Lacombe SPZL and Munchen Super SPZL in Green. In addition, there's a restock of Montreal 76 for a bargain price.

Lush Lacombe restocked

The Adidas Lacombe have been in three different spezial releases- the shoe is so well liked the Spezial team felt they had to keep bringing it back. This pair we've now restocked is the third edition, the same white leather upper is matched with nude detailing on the tongue and heel tab.

Lacombe SPZL

Both Munchen Super SPZL now available

The green version of the Munchen Super Spezial have now joined the blue, which is already available. The shoe itself is drenched in raving nostalgia- a chunky rubber sole and bright green upper fits the 1980s vibe perfectly.

Munchen Super SPZL

And finally.. more Montreal 76

Like the Lacombe, the Montreal 76 in black have been restocked after previously selling out their initial allocation. Although only two sizes are available they're cheap as chips so don't hang around!

Montreal 76


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