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The Adidas Stockholm are here! The City icon returns

We're saying goodbye to 2021 with a bang, as the recently launched Adidas Stockholm have been added. We've also got all three models of the 'tricoleur' pack, which centres around the re-issued Adidas Rouge. Suede is once again the star of the show, and quantities are limited. Enjoy! ///

1972 Stockholm Re-Issue

Arguably one of the most well-known of the Adidas City Series line, the Adidas Stockholm have been given in a first re-issue since 2014. The iconic blue and yellow colourway of course comes from the Swedish national flag. The suede and leather design sits on the usual Odenwald gum midsole.

Another re-issue.. the Rouge!

The second re-make of the week is the Adidas Rouge, which is also making a first appearance since 2014. Adidas decided to use the 1976 model for this pair of Rouge, which has the usual bright colourway. Inspired by the French tricoleur, the Rouge fits nicely into the City Series mould, even if they aren't part of the collection.

Alternative Rouge, the Adidas Blanc

Adidas were clearly so excited to welcome the Rouge back they decided to add a couple of alternative colourways. Continuing the French theme, the Blanc and Bleu have the same build as the Rouge but different colourways. The Blanc are simple yet highly satisfying, although keeping them clean will be a challenge!

And finally.. Adidas Bleu to finish the set

No surprises on what we have to finish off the week, the Adidas Bleu. The third and final piece of the Rouge trilogy is another simple design, with a blue suede upper and white leather stripes. All three models have the same gum Odenwald midsole.


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