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Third city series arrival plus a great looking summer shoe from Spezial

Two new arrivals this week, including the latest edition from the 2019 City Series.

Bern Baby Bern

After the release of the Brussels and Rom, the next up in 2019 is the Bern. One of the more well known City Series trainers, the 2019 version is a big improvement on the 2014 design. However.. please be aware sizing is strange like the Brussels, so pay attention to the item description!

Bern 'City Series'

Suede Garwen return to stock

After the second Spezial drop of 2018, a final collection was released as part of a collaboration with US brand Union. Two pairs of Garwen were released, including this all suede pair. The shoe has the same sole as Bermuda, making them ideal for summer nights in the beer garden.

Garwen SPZL X Union


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