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Two winter trekking boots from the Spezial range

The trekking style boots / trainers from the Spezial range have always been popular, from the Winterhill to the more recent Hiaven launched earlier this year. This week sees one pair of each return to the site, just in time for the cold months ahead. We've also added some sizes of an old ZX favourite, a Mexicana and the popular Newrad SPZL.

Brown Hiaven SPZL

The shiny new black pair may have been recently launched, but you might want to pick up the older brown version whilst you still can. They're also a touch cheaper! The Hiaven were designed as a successor to the Winterhill, and has the same adi-tex membrane to keep the feet dry. Visually, the main difference is the addition of three stripes down the side, even if they are the same colour as the upper.

Original trekker returns

Speaking of the Winterhill SPZL, we've managed to find a few of the older navy pair to add back to the site. This colourway is the third iteration of the shoe, which spans several years in various Spezial collections. Unlike the first two models, this version has a rip-stop upper material for even more durability.

ZX 5020 back in stock

There's been a considerable slow down of ZX releases over the last year, but these ZX 5020 are one of the highlights. As this is one of the more recent ZX models, the materials have changed slightly to feature all recycled and vegan produce. The quality doesn't appear to have diminished from the usual ZX reliability.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead festival may have been and gone this year but that isn't stopping us adding a few more sizes to the lovely Mexicana shoe celebrating it. Featuring a marigold flower on the tongue and an extravagant box design, the simplistic upper has plenty of colour to go with it even if not visible at first glance.

And finally.. leather classics get some more sizes

Similarly with the Winterhill, the Newrad SPZL are a Spezial icon without being a trainer in the traditional sense. This is the second time the Newrad has been included in a collection, which now has a full leather upper.


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