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White trainer week! Two Broomfield plus Gazelle Super collaboration

Good news this week for triple white trainer fans with both the Hamburg and Broomfield landing in good size runs. In addition, there's some triple black Gazelle Super first launched over three years ago now, and a return of the all grey Broomfield.

Leather Hamburg

One of the follow up colourways to the 2020 OG model, this all white pair of Hamburg have been given a lovely soft leather upper. The gum has been replaced with an off-white rubber sole. A pair for the warmer months, we can these becoming everyday wearers over the summer.

'LG' Broomfield

We've had the raw white version of Broomfield for sale a number of times and they're always a big hit with that lovely suede upper. Called by some as the budget LG SPZL, the colour and feel definitely bears a resemblance with the main man's exclusive pair. One main difference being of course the price.

From all-white to all-black

In sharp contrast to the first two releases, this pair of Gazelle Super has an all-black design. Launched three years ago in collaboration with Japanese designer Neighborhood, the shoe has a primeknit upper and an array of 'NBHD' touches dotted around the shoe. The launch price was a whopping £150, ours are less than half that.

And finally.. a couple of restocks

In addition to the white pair of Broomfield, we've added a couple of smaller sizes of the older all-grey version. Not seen in the shops anymore, this pair was one of the best of the Broomfield bunch.

Alongside the Broomfield, two more sizes have re-appeared of the Yellow ZX 10,000 C. These came on our site a few weeks ago and sold pretty quick, so it's great to have two more pairs back.


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