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Another new U.S State model plus a Mexicana duo restocked

We've been slowly ticking off the entire State Series collection since the initial launch last year, and we're now up to date with through the arrival of the Prairie model. The other two suede stars are both the Day of the Dead and Prototype versions of Mexicana, which have both been restocked. Finally, a new TRX colourway and the ZX 9000 'Citrus' completes the week.

Illinois State Series

A colourway designed with the big skies and open fields in mind, the Prairie state is the nickname for Illinois in the Midwest. As with all state series trainers, the tongue features a motif celebrating the state, which in this case is a wheat head. The model used for the Prairie is actually the adidas Hamburg, which isn't a coincidence as Hamburg is twinned with Chicago, main city of the state.

A new TRX Vintage colourway

A shoe that will be familiar to most, the TRX Vintage has slowed down in new designs after a bombardment towards the end of last year. This brown and black version is one of the more recent, with the usual nylon upper and suede overlays featured.

Multiple Mexicana

We've got more sizes back available of the two non-OG Mexicana, which are the 'Day of the Dead' and this Prototype model. This green version could well have been known as the OG version, as this was the first sample put into production way back in the late 1960s.

The 'Day of the Dead' Mexicana is a shoe to celebrate the festival known locally as Dia de los Muertos, which is a big deal in the first two days of November. The marigold flower, which can be seen prominently on the tongue of the shoe, is traditionally used to honour the dead throughout the festival period.

And finally.. a small Citrus re-add

A little something for the ZX fans to cheer about, the ZX 9000 'Citrus' is back in a couple of sizes. This model is part of the Bring Backs pack, which featured two ZX models with popular colourways previously released in the last couple of decades.


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